School Bus Rental

Contract #: GBTO  6657
Contract Administrator: Purchasing ext 2598
Contract Term: 7/1/2022 - 6/30/2023
Payment Options: Purchase Order
Vendor: Lamers Bus Lines, Inc.
2407 S Point Road, Green Bay WI 54313
Primary Contact:
Call to Order/Expedite: 920-496-3600
Invoice Information: Pat Meulemans @ 920-496-3600 ext 10162
Ordering Information: Every attempt will be made by the University to give the Contractor at least ten (10) days’ notice prior to the date of the charter, but the Contractor must accept forty-eight (48) hours’ notice in the case of emergencies or unforeseen circumstances. Contact the contract administrator if the Contractor cannot comply with this requirement.
Late Pick Up Penalty: A late penalty may be assessed against the total value of the trip if the Contractor does not pick up on time as required:
Late (from scheduled departure time) Charge
10 minutes 10%
30 minutes 25%
60 minutes 50%
The charge may be waived during periods of severe weather or when conditions, as determined by the contract administrator, indicate the delay was unavoidable. Determination by the contract administrator is final.

School Bus FY23

Bus Size # of Buses
in Inventory
# of Adults
(2 per seat)
Cost Per
Live Mile
Min. Bus Charge
(30 miles or less)
(Driver Time)
Max. Charge
      0      N/A    N/A        N/A      N/A      N/A
      0      N/A    N/A        N/A      N/A      N/A
70/72-Passenger      20       48   $2.60     $144.00    $22.00      N/A
76/78-Passenger      15       51   $2.80     $150.00    $22.00      N/A
82/84-Passenger      15       54   $2.85     $151.50    $22.00      N/A
Lift Equipped      10   Various
  $2.85     $151.50    $22.00      N/A

NOTE:  The prices provided on the Cost Sheet will be ones used to invoice.
 - Trips that are 30 miles or less are billed utilizing the minimum charge plus the driver time.
 - Trips that are over 30 miles are billed utilizing the per mile charge plus the driver time.

  • Lamers has lift equipped buses that range in size from 1 wheelchair and 46 ambulatory adults to buses that will accommodate 6 wheelchairs and 10 ambulatory adults with various configurations in between. Pricing is included on the cost sheet. Lamers Green Bay fleet contains 10 lift equipped buses.
  • Overnight charge of $30/night and UW-Green Bay is responsible for the driver's room. If Lamers is responsible for the driver's room, the charge will be $130/night.
  • All tolls, parking or other miscellaneous charges similar to this will be billed at actual cost.
  • All units are two-way radio equipped so we can maintain contact with the bus within range of one of our towers.
  • Out of town trips where a group is dropped and the bus returns empty or where the bus travels empty to pick up the group will be charged as live miles.

Cancellation charges: If the bus is cancelled prior to the bus leaving the yard, there is no cancellation charge. If the bus is cancelled at the pick up point and the pick up point is in Green Bay there would be a $30.00 charge. If the bus is cancelled as the bus is in route to a loading point out of Green Bay, the deadhead charge would be applied along with the hourly rate for the driver's time.